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Who am I?
My Name is Addison Jackel on behalf of my company, Inspiration Games.
Inspiration Game or [IG] is not only my brainchild of a Board and Tabletop spawning daydream but also the originator of our own Youtube series about Board game production, creation and living your dreams.I have been working on these projects for 6+ years and now I want to share some of this with you all.

Inspiration Games was birthed with a simple principle- Give people the opportunity to see each other more. I want to draw our societies back to the traditional social spaces and create tighter bonds of families and friends. No, I Mean It! With screen time replacing our social atmospheres in and outside of the home, we wanted to put something out into the world that let family and friends sit down and say hi to each other. Ideally, this greeting would be said over the fantastic clash of swords or growls of imaginary zombies emanating from your nearest [IG] board game box.

Why am I here?
From this completely self-less goal, I turned inwards and asked myself, what do I get out of this? The answer... every step of the way to achieving that goal, is for me. Making games? Totally selfish. Talking about games with some of my closest friends on Youtube? completely narcissistic. I'm just glad that with my abundant self-interest I could take time to eat in all of this.

Aaaaand this is where you come in. With every dollar, every yen, peso, or cryptocurrency 'space credit' given to me, I can buy that essential can of spam, herring, or sauerkraut to keep me breathing another day and getting me the chance to bring everyone closer together.

I have endless idea's, from educational games for schoolkids, to team-building games for corporations I have a plan. Ideas are cheap... its the work that counts, and boy, am I putting the work in. I want this to work so bad it burns. Everyone is rooting for me, and I think if I can show you the stuff I got going on under the hood then I think you will too.

So why on Patreon?
I am on Patreon because it offers an easy way to do two very important things. The first is it gives me a chance to make my dreams come true by producing amazingly fun games through your generous donation. Second, it gives me yet another chance to reach out and interact with those who enjoy what I am producing. This is a great opportunity for content-creators like myself to meet up with people who really like what we are doing. The Patreon crew is so good that their content is 100% uncompromised, payment is more predictable. This means I can focus on the work I can do while they, and you can watch my back.

Helping me help you
For every month of your continued support of my dream, my vision for our societies, you get access to all my Discord content. Its just me in fifty shades of way to much me, but I'm there for you guys! I will be having weekly discussions about my games and ideas, and you can grab a seat on our discord to listen in and participate.

And as always you have my thanks!

A Jackel
Inspiration Games
1 of 200 patrons
At 200 Patreons I will be able to afford an assistant who will be hired to help create international contact, contracts, and production.
This is a good starting point and it will guarantee enough income to get the help I need to push the project forward much faster.
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