is creating YouTube videos about Electronics, Arduino and DIY projects.

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I try to impact others in a positive way, which brought me to YouTube, beside other things. I started as most people with simple stuff like tutorials and sharing my projects. After many years of this I got a small following which inspire me to improve the quality of the videos and take this more seriously.

It's nice reading the comments on my videos and see that I am making a positive difference on this world, however small that can be. That's why I will keep doing this even if I don't get any money in return. And even though I consider myself very fortunate, I've never had a lot of money. To create videos I always have to spend some money. It can be for equipment, like my microphone, or for products to review or to make tutorials.

If you want to give something back, this is your chance to make a difference.

Either way, I appreciate the support of all those that has been posting nice comments on my videos and sending me emails. I'll try to keep helping as long as I live.

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