is creating Traditional Art, Digital Art and Line Arts.
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About Trysnau

I'm known as " InvaderDeepSauces" or by "Trysnau". Pleasure to meet you all. 
I always wanted to be a full time artist and share my deepest ideas of art with the world.

In my spare time, i spend it drawing and why not doing it for someone?
That's what Patreon came along, to show my improvement and to conquer the world!

Now why should u pledge me?
EASY! Per month, i draw minimum of 4 drawings.

Depends on how much you pledge you can gain:
+Early access to my pieces before the public can see them
+Line Arts so you can practice your coloring
+Every Month a free Doodle
+Vote and recommend on what to draw next
+Free colored Chibi *FanArt/OC/ect..*

My techniques are more based on chibis, and my challenge from now on are trying to break the ice of hard.

Every piece made by me, will be feature at Patreon, first than the rest of the sites that, I submit on:
Etsy Store

$0 of $800 per month
Not only conquering the world together, but i'll show you my progress and improvement on my pieces.
Together we will achieve our goals! As for me the pleasure to draw for you and for you the pleasure to gain something in return.
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