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Hey everyone! Welcome to the Inventory Screen Patreon page and thanks for being here! We're a small (as in two person) business that wants to get amazing quality products out to the public for a very low cost. We do this by using our 3D Printers, silicone molding, and casting to create a one of a kind item that you won't find anywhere else!

Both of us here at Inventory Screen are cosplayers that have firsthand experienced how time consuming and downright difficult it can be to make props for a costume. We want to streamline that process for other cosplayers!

We also want to make some really fun stuff that you can use every day! So even if you don't cosplay you can find something unique for your own inventory screen. (Get it? :D)


Now, we're going to keep our prices low regardless of whether or not folks become our patrons, but all the pledges we do get will be going straight into crafting better product for you guys. The money will all be put towards equipment that we otherwise can't afford and maybe some day we can quit our other jobs and focus our time completely on Inventory Screen!  

Just imagine all the cool stuff we could create if we weren't working 8-5 somewhere else!

Patrons will help put us one step closer towards that goal, and we've got some sweet rewards for those that help us out too.
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Your journey begins now, you've taken the first steps towards greatness. As thanks have the following:

  • Access to the news feed here on Patreon, available only to patrons.
  • The gratification of knowing you're helping out a business with your patronage.
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You've gone above and beyond for Inventory Screen. Behold the fruits of your labor: 

  • All previous rewards.
  • Access to our settings and configurations we use on our 3D Printers.
  • Take the knowledge we have given you and use it to further your own goals! Or print something cool, y'know either or.
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Keep it up and you'll be a master in no time. Here are your rewards:

  • All previous rewards.
  • Early access to videos of the 3D Printers doing their thing as they print out a variety of really awesome objects.
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At this rate you're going to surpass all expectations. Until then have something nice for your efforts:

  • All previous rewards.
  • 10% off your total purchase coupon for use at the store. (One time only!)
  • Your name 3D printed and mailed straight to your doorstep! (One time only!)
  • Go show off that name of yours, or leave it on your desk and be the envy of all your coworkers.
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This is an unexpected level of patronage, thank you! Enjoy the rewards you've earned:

  • All previous rewards.
  • Send us your questions and we'll do a monthly Q&A video!
  • 20% off your total purchase coupon for use at the store. (One time only!)
  • You get exclusive access to unlisted videos showing the mold-making and casting process for making our one of a kind items! Additionally you see all the fun shenanigans of working at Inventory Screen.
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Have we mentioned we love you? Because we do, but since love is so fickle have something a little more tangible:

  • All previous rewards.
  • 25% off your total purchase coupon for use at the store. (One time only!)
  • You get a sweet grab bag consisting of the following 3D printed items; celtic tree charm, Gears of War cog tags(set of two), and an octopus key-chain. (One time only!)
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You're climbing that mountain and at any moment now you'll reach the peak! Base camp has some nice stuff though:

  • All previous rewards.
  • 30% off your total purchase coupon for use at the store. (One time only!)
  • You get another awesome grab bag consisting of; Legend of Zelda triforce charm, Fallout 3 coasters(set of 3), and a Star Trek communicator magnet!  (One time only!)
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Do you taste that? That's the sweet taste of victory. You've come far, and now it's time to celebrate:

  • All previous rewards.
  • 35% off your total purchase coupon for use at the store. (One time only!)
  • A life-sized replica of the MG6 Pistol from Halo, and a Master Chief helmet keychain. (One time only!)
  • Your name (or username) on the Patron's wall behind our 3D Printers, visible for all to see! (One time only!)
Limited (100 of 100 remaining)
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This is the ultimate level, and you've obtained it. Bask in the glory that is you and your rewards:

  • All previous rewards.
  • 40% off your total purchase coupon for use at the store. (One time only!)
  • A customized plaque with your name on it along with a recognition for donating so much to Inventory Screen. (One time only!)
  • The coolest thing since sliced bread — which just so happens to be a life-sized replica Diamond Minecraft sword. Sweet! (One time only!)
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This goal will allow us to increase our product quality and cut down on time by - well a lot. Vacuum casting is a great method of making both silicone molds and the casts of the molds. We could have flawless molds in half the time of our current process and the chance of us having a cast with problems, like air bubbles is minimal so there's less time spent re-doing the cast to get the perfect product to you guys!
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