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is creating a game engine, video games, and twitch streams
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About Curin Askara

Hi, My name is Andrew and I am currently working on creating a video game engine called Dragonbones. This engine is meant to be modular and scale to fit the needs of the project it is being used for, but a game engine is no small task and has been the work of many years with many different versions.
    Beyond this engine, I have plans to make use of it for a series of games, currently being called the Ioran Chronicle. This series has been one that I have wanted to make in one form or another since I started learning about game development over 10 years ago. The problem is that the scale of the project is large enough that I found it prudent to build the reliant tools behind it.
    Such a big project has been difficult but I have found it helpful to include others in the creative process which has ended up as a Dungeons and Dragons game that we play weekly on Fridays (well most Fridays) on Twitch. Even if you don't feel like supporting me monetarily, your viewership on the stream is also appreciated.
     Now an important question is if you support me, what would that money go to. Well firstly, I currently spend much of my time balancing work and school (as I am still a student) which takes time I could be working on the game engine or world. Some of this money would go to relieving that pressure. Secondly, I would like to commission artists for character concepts, landscapes, and other related works. Lastly, I have greatly enjoyed showing our weekly D&D game to the world and I would like to give that both more time and some more money towards better equipment. Each of these things I feel would help me better produce the content I will be giving out and allow it to happen faster.
     I do not plan on making these decisions alone however. If you support me I will plan on taking feed back on what you find important and try and prioritize what you want to see. Furthermore, I would want to give patrons access to hidden world info, more detailed notes on the engine I'm building and possibly access to it once it is finished.
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Patron Streams
I will put on a stream with Shenanigans, dev work, and other stuff once a month for patrons who have donated high enough to get access to the stream. This stream will be three hours long. Patrons can decide to have these open to the public
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