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(Video is one of my first GMV's that I am quite proud I had finally gotten around to making - I urge you to view it and to add your thoughts and comments as well)
If you are reading this I would already like to thank you for following my Patreon link.
As a beginner to patreon and youtube I should probably say abit about myself and do the whole introduction thing.
My name is Irfaan and, I'm sure you can tell, I play games - I love games! I have always been great at games from a young age. Growing up there were a few kids in the neighbourhood who played too, but whenever they were stuck on a difficult stage (right now I'm thinking about the first megaman games on NES) they would call myself or my brother around to be able to help them get past the difficult part. I would end up "clocking" the game for them eventually, hahaha.
I dont want to keep you here too long, I am older now and feel I should be able to impart some of my skills and knowledge to the community. Right now I am working a pretty hectic schedule with a largely unhealthy amount of overtime to be able to progress in life, but because of the overtime I am finding it tough to make time in between to make videos. 
I would like to be able to stop working overtime and instead rather put that same time into what I know and love best, GAMING!
If you would like to help me with this endeavour, and I truly hope that you do ;) Please support me on Patreon. Whether you choose to support me or not is up to your generous hand, however I will still be here, trying my best to make content for all the games that I play and not just one of them.

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Current Games:
MMORPG: Neverwinter Online
Android: Mobius Final Fantasy
Moba: Paragon
Single/multiplayer PC: Nothing at the moment, just completed dark souls 1 and 2 recently and loved the heck out of them.
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Welcome aboard Mates!!
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