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is creating a Community Raffle
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For every $1 you commit, we'll give you 1 raffle ticket each month for a chance to win a selection of awesome gear!




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About Ironside Gaming

Ironside is a shiny new community; created by experienced and passionate gamers that want to support a family of members wishing to play, compete and enjoy their time with fellow gamers!

To commit to helping us as a community grow, our competitive teams trained and our casual gamers satisfied - We enter you into a raffle, for every $1 you throw to us each month will give you 1 number to win one of our prizes.

Currently; we're going to start off with a range of small and medium prizes worth between $10 and $60 (we'll give you a choice where possible!)
Check out the range at

All of the money goes to the upkeep of the community, furthering the experience of our members and guest's and naturally towards the prizes that are available each month.

Each Patreon is limited to 1 prize intially for their donation (until we get a little bigger) and this will default to the largest win. 

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