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About Is This Reel Life?

Is This Reel Life? is a podcast which examines the real world implications of a myriad of films; it is run by two outspoken, liberal, atheist ladies who have some serious opinions to share. 

Kristen is a talented videographer with a degree in film studies. Growing up in Louisiana as a trans woman was definitely not easy, but Kristen has allowed those experiences to formulate an excellent sense of humor and a brilliant perspective on the world around her.

Bethany has a degree in psychology and a background in film noir. A firebrand atheist and pansexual polyamorous woman from Kentucky, Bethany has a truly unique point of view. 

We watch movies of all genres and attempt to reconcile Hollywood with the real world.

We're asking for your assistance to get better equipment and to have the freedom to record longer episodes more often. If you enjoy the episodes, we appreciate donations, but we understand that not everyone can donate. If you want to support us in a non-monetary way, you can give us one of those awesome 5-star iTunes reviews!

You can add us on Stitcher (just search Is This Reel Life? in the app), iTunes, or your favorite podcast app by entering our feed:

Want to contact us directly? Find us on Facebook, email [email protected], or follow us on Twitter @ReelLifeChicago or Instagram @JustReelThings
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