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About Isabel imagination ASMR

Hello! I'm Isabel from the youtube channel Isabel imagination ASMR.
I started this channel on the 20th of June 2016 and I am a very ambitious ASMRtist, always striving for the best possible video quality I can achieve.

I even have a studio inside of my own home, in the second bedroom, my parents and Amanda (twin sister) helped me build it for the sake of ASMR.

I'd love it if you support me financially to achieve the best possible quality videos and greatest collabs for your relaxation, tingles and sleep!!

As a patron you're not only supporting me, you also get early acces to new ASMR videos, you can watch Patreon exclusive ASMR videos (like the Tingle Treasure Box series) and you get a chance to recieve my signed video props or other gifts in GIVEAWAYS!

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