Isac Saleh

is creating Fingerstyle Guitar arrangements of game, anime and movie music
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  • By donating 5$ once you will get your favorite song arranged and receive a high quality tab / sheet
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  • By donating 7$ once you will get a 45 minute lesson on Skype, where you can show me how you play one of my songs and ask for advice
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About Isac Saleh

Ever since 2011 I've been doing fingerstyle guitar arrangements of game, movie and anime music on a weekly basis. For those who don't know what fingerstyle is, it's basically a one man band. The style can include bass, percussion, lead, rhythm and vocals in an arrangement played on one guitar.
You can request your own favorite song and get it both arranged (guitar tablature / sheet) and recorded in mp3 to bring with you and listen to wherever you go. The process usually requires a lot of time arranging, rearranging, practicing, recording and editing. 
Your pledge as a patron will help increase the quality of my arrangements and improve your listening experience.
If you are more interested in hearing a guitar cover of a pop song (singer/band), It can also be arranged.

My payment schedule is set as "per creation". Which means whatever Tier you join with, you will be charged that amount when I upload a "Paid Post" here on Patreon. This will occur every 2nd creation on YT (usually every 2nd month).

Thank you for your support!
$102 of $200 per creation
When this goal is reached I will purchase a flamenco guitar. It's basically a classical guitar with lower volume, higher treble and with strings closer to the fret board, which makes it suited to strumming and fast picking. This will allow me to produce a different sound and make more variations in my songs!
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