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-Free downloads of the audio of all my youtube covers

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-Free downloads of the audio of all my youtube covers

-Shoutout on my next Youtube video

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Hi there, welcome to my Patreon page!
My name is Isaiah Pekary and I am a violinist from East Palo Alto, CA. I started playing violin from the age of five, and took private lessons for 9 years. At the age of 14, I decided to broaden my interests from the classical world of music, and started exploring other music styles such as jazz, hip hop, Celtic, and electronic genres. What I most value in both playing and listening to music is creativity. I have a love for composing music, which I often do both on the piano and on the violin. I specialize in creating beautiful and unique violin covers of popular songs on a looper. This allows me to create a very full and modern performance while continuing to produce the authentic sound of the classical violin. My passion for composing comes from a desire to create beauty that will glorify Christ. It is my hope that through my music people will experience joy and will draw near to the one in whom all beauty has its origin. I currently live in San Francisco with my beautiful wife and daughter.

It is my dream to make music a full time thing and i'm set up here on Patreon as a way to help fund projects I passionate about, and engage with my fans & supporters more personally.

How it works?

Choose an amount you wish to pledge per creation, based off of your personal decision, or which reward you'd like!

What is a creation? 
If I record a high quality video or song in my studio and I think it is something that everyone will like, then it is considered a creation.
If I don't release a creation, then you won't be charged!
This helps keep me disciplined with making awsome content on a more consistent basis.
(I plan on releasing about 1-2 creations per month) 

You can also set a limit so you never go over your budget, which is adjustable at any point.
Delete your pledge.
Edit your pledge to less.
Edit your pledge to more.
You name it, you can do it!
Ball is in your court!

Thank you to all my fans & supporters!
-Isaiah Pekary
$9 of $300 per creation
Audio Equipment:
To release my most recent album I was very fortunate to be able to borrow a great mic from a friend. I want to purchase a high quality microphone that will allow me to continue producing great sounding albums and videos.

I also need a new preamp, as my main one has officially stopped working.
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