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Maybe you like my work, maybe you want to support what I do, or maybe you just like supporting artists!
All are great reasons to be here and awesome ones! Thank you so much.
A buck or two goes a long way in creating works and allowing me to create more!

This tier lets you give me support for the cost of a basic cup of coffee, which is a vital ingredient in art production. 

You have access to all Patreon only uploads, which include WIPs, concept dumps, and finished pieces!
Beer Friend
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Oh man! Thank you! 

This level of support is just as important as the Tip Jar, but may focus a bit more on more mature art making juice, vs the wonder of Bean Juice.

You have access to all Patreon only uploads, which include WIPs, concept dumps, and finished pieces! 

Casual Dreamer
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You have access to all post around the Dreaming (tribal) style of artwork I do. This includes some deep dives into research and concept building which goes into a Dreaming piece.

This level of support includes all previous teir access; such as general progress updates, early viewings of finished works.




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About Ishaway

Who am I?
I am Ishaway! I am a freelance artist and illustrator based out of costal Virginia.
A large chunk of my creative time is currently spent making works for my clients or pieces directly geared to sell at art shows and conventions. These art show pieces sometimes cross over into things I am interested in, but not always.

These endeavors leave a smaller chunk of time to explore concepts which are of more interest to me than they might be to the average viewer. This includes more esoteric/spiritual works, tarot study, experimental pieces, and short comics.
The majority of my work is uploaded online on various platforms and gallery sites as I create it. Patreon does not change this. By choosing to be a Patreon you just get more behind the scene information and origins of pieces, along with early access to viewing new works. 

What you are supporting
You are supporting space and time for me to flesh out and finish larger pieces of personal and experimental work. This support grants access to content including thumbnail processes, storyboards, scripts, work in progress shots, and more. 
I currently have my Patreon set up to charge by the upload of a finished piece vs per month. This means: you are only charged when I am actively creating non-commission works. This set up also allows me to treat Patreon as a space to upload rawer works touching on more personal themes and processing.

This space also allows me to world build and script novels/comic projects.

All finished works will still be uploaded to my gallery sites BUT Patreon will get to see a percentage of them first! 

More of my work can be found at the links below!
Weasyl Gallery

$15 of $45 per Finished work
One Bill!

This goal being met means one of my lower monthly bills is 100% covered!
Thank you so much. Having one bill completely covered is a huge mental weight off my mind.
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