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About Ishoka

Welcome folks! I am Ishoka, the doodlebun; A bun that doodles.

I've been doodling a great many doodles over the past decade and more, along with a significant number of illustrations as well as some dabbling into animation. Most to nearly all of my stuff is of a cartoony-animal variety, and a good chunk of that is...of an erotic nature. Doing this has been my greatest, if not my only real passion in life, and it is something I would love to continue to do and share with all you lovely folks.

And that's where this Patreon thingy comes in!

I'm starting this thing to try and obtain a more solidly stable source of income, something a little more reliable than sporadic commission work. All I am really hoping this will be able to provide me with is just enough support to keep me on my feet, working hard provide you all with art you love! However if I somehow manage to gain more than that, I will allow me to have the chance to push myself further, and create and do so much more!

My ultimate goal is to become an animator, so a lot of what I do is focused on pushing me in that direction. By supporting me here, you'll allow me spend more time creating and learning, more time on providing you and the world with my insanity, and allow me to reach that ultimate goal a little more smoothly~!

The Doodlebun Corner

One of the things I tend to do most is streaming! Streaming everything I create! I stream my doodling. I stream my illustrating. I stream my animating. I stream my streaming these streams to stream. I pretty much do nearly 100% of my art-ings via streams! I picked up the whole streaming thing way back in 2009, when "Ustream" still existed and was one of the more popular options of this. I've pretty much streamed ever since!

These days, I spend most of my time here, on the Doodlebun Corner:

I (of course) doodle a lot, and work on all sorts of crazy crap. I am also often joined by many other fantastic folks in multi-streams! And anyone can hop in and watch, whether you're supporting me here or not! Just be respectable to everyone~
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This would be amazing. With this, I would be able to focus immensely more towards animation.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts