Isla Sorna

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The AI
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 •  4 Non-Survival and 4 Survival tokens

 • Isla Sorna Stickers

The Raptors
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 • 8 Non-Survival and 8 Survival tokens

 • Isla Sorna Stickers

The Gigas
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 • 12 Non-Survival and 12 Survival 

 • Isla Sorna Stickers

 • Random dinosaur plushie




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About Isla Sorna

Welcome to Isla Sorna's official Patreon. We host and own a dedicated server on the game called Isla Sorna! Becoming a Patreon grants you access to in game perks along with out of game perks! All the donations go into the server to better improve! Join our discord for updates on events and many other things!
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