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Thank you for wanting to be my patron. You will not regret by doing this! I promise that if you can help me raise my funds, you will get lots of benefits!

- Be my one of the character for Minecraft Citylife Series! (Yes, I have less characters rn)

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- Be in my MCS credits!

- I may hire you to help me with the animation (if you are skilled enough)

- High performance (if I can afford to buy a new computer)

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About ItsAdamLY

Welcome! If you're first time visiting this page, my name is ItsAdamLY. Currently not popular enough because I'm just a beginner YouTuber. I am 16, and I make Minecraft videos such as gameplays, animations (Minecraft Citylife Series) and in the future, roleplays!

I am also planning to do some Pokémon videos, since I am quite a fan of it, so yeah. 😅 That will include gameplay, making fan made game(?), theories(?) and so on.

And eventually, more contents coming soon!

I would like to raise a Patreon since I have a very old computer so you can see that most of my gameplay videos are very sloooowwww in performance. So, if you are a kind-hearted person to help me raise funds for a new computer, feel free to be one of my Patrons! 😊
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If we can get 50 patrons, I might be opening a session for you to suggest some ideas for MCS (and vote!)
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