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My name is Fozzy and I produce mainly Police videos in LSPDFR; a police mod of Grand Theft Auto 5! All support through Patreon will go directly towards making the content and production of my videos better. It's that simple, if you wish to support me, then feel free to become a Patreon today! However, viewing videos and support on Youtube is great and highly appreciated too :-)
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$2 will gain you a personalised item that may be found in vehicle searches (eg, "You found a [YOUR NAME] shirt"), as well as you being filled with pride and confidence for life.
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$10 a month will get you a police dog in your name used in an LSPDFR patrol, as well as the rewards from the $2 section.
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If you want to go big, then $20 a month will give you permission to join my 'GTA Skype Group' of which all participants are able to play Cops n Crims with me and other patreons/friends as well as the rewards from the $10 and $2 sections.
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My microphone requires lots of post editing to remove background noise etc. This is clearly noticeable in livestreams where my mic pics up raw audio when I speak, allowing background noises such as my computer and family to slip through the defences and be broadcasted out. A new microphone would allow the audio quality to rise a lot more!
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