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About Dani

Hello fellow creators, supporters, friends, comrades! Many know me as Dani, my url for my Patreon is my Ndn name Ižaŋžaŋwiŋ which means "Bright Star Woman " in Dakota language. I chose to include my name as a reminder of who I am doing this work for; Not only for myself, but for the betterment of my people. I have a passion in expressing my identity and resistance through writing. My journey in writing began while I attended the University of North Dakota (2008-2014), where my involvement in community organizing my senior year, and my major in Indian Studies, gave me courage to express my resistance and really embrace my Native identity as a Očeti Sakowiŋ (Dakota) Wiŋyaŋ. I am passionate about sharing my experiences as a Native person who grew up displaced in suburbia (Southern Maryland) and the ways that embracing uniqueness relates to the larger scheme of societal structures.

My praxis and radicalization naturally evolved along writing development through platforms like Tumblr and Twitter, where i have built networks sharing with like minded individuals. I tend to centralize my writing on theorization and analysis of various topics and frameworks: (pop culture, symbolism, , social justice, decolonization, sociology, psychology, history, historical trauma) as they relate to Native identity and a decolonial lens. My focus on these areas is aligned with my survivance, and the understanding that my personhood and self actualization are intrinsically tied to confronting structures of oppression, and understanding why particular power dynamics continue. I continue to do this work and provide educational resources in hopes of dismantling the ongoing violence of colonialism and influence societal change to reject those accepted colonizer paradigms. At the least I would like to encourage critical thinking in my audience to guide my patrons in breaking those cycles.

I chose Patreon as a medium to express the importance of valuing the labor of Indigenous women as well as building my own confidence and autonomy as a writer. I hope to provide myself with the tools and foundation to make my work accessible, while also developing my writing to expand upon future published works. Thank you for everyone for all the love and support, for those who have experienced my journey of growth and those who are newly contributing to it.  <3
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