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About IzelIllustrations

Welcome to Izelillustrations Patreon page!

Hey all! I am Izel and this is my patreon page. I am a Californian based artist who makes digital illustrations based on Aztec/Mesoamerican culture! 
I got a BFA in Illustration back in 2017 and have been working full time as a video editor and part time as a freelance illustrator! I currently rent and operate an art studio where I produce/sell my artwork and participate in various artist alleys around California.
My creations span from Pokemon, pop-culture, movies, and animals. In all of these, I try to infuse a little piece of my culture.

My first hope with this Patreon is to offset some of the costs I currently have; most notable the rent for my studio; so I can have funds to produce more and different types of merch! 
My second hope, is that I can continue expressing this idea of culture and continue producing artwork that gives a voice to a culture that is often voiceless.

I have a couple different pledge options for you to chose with a couple different rewards you can receive! This page is a work in progress that will continually grow and change.
I hope you can join me in this journey!

Thanks for visiting!
$0 of $265 per month
$265 is the amount of rent I pay for my studio space. Getting this amount of money in support will allow me to focus more on content and merch creation.
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