is creating Divinity Original Sin 2 GM Mode Maps
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About Izex

I have been working on making maps for my Divinity Original Sin 2 GM campaign since the game launched. I have been enjoying my time creating maps for free and will continue to do so. This Patreon is useful for anyone who runs GM campaigns in Divinity: Original Sin 2 but doesn't have the time to learn and create maps using the Divinity Engine 2. If you want to have me make maps for you make sure to look at the correct tier and have an idea for what type of map you want created.
The maps I made previously are usually very large and were taking up to 40 hours to create. My most popular mod is called "Creatures, Dungeons, and Cities". You will be able to see what my work looks like from there, but I would suggest looking at each map in game because it is hard to do a map justice otherwise.
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If we reach this goal I will create one bonus small map each month. I will create a strawpoll for what type of map it should be so everyone can vote on it.
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