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See pages of all of our comics early along with special bonus Sketches and Doodles from our Artists! (Along with previous tier bonuses!) 

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Can't wait for the published Page? At this tier you can see the work in progress stage of all our comic pages!

You also get Downloadable Packs of the Bonus sketches from the Pageturner tier!

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Finally: you also get a sneak peek of any Merchandise we make, (Along with previous tier bonuses!)

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  • All Previous Tier Rewards!
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About JAAComics

Hello! JAAComics serves as a hub where creative artists and writers work together to bring life to their artistic visions.

What do we do? JAAComics functions as a compilation of comics, stories and illustrations, put together by talented individuals, that give the viewer the chance to experience something truly unique. JAAC offers the opportunity to enjoy the collaborative efforts of skilled artists and writers while simultaneously rewarding exclusive perks to Patreon supporters.

Why Patreon? The truth is, due to lack of resources, it is difficult to consistently create highly detailed artwork and literature at a reasonable pace. It takes a lot of effort, time, and research. Patreon allows us to directly communicate and collaborate with our audience, and with our patrons’ generous support we will be able to offer more content.

But most importantly... What's in it for YOU?
As a patron you get some pretty exciting stuff!
  • Early access to pages at a larger resolution,
  • Special announcements that keep you up to date with the team as well as access to live-streams, Q+A sessions and Patreon exclusive events!
  • A sneak peek into backstage content such as concept art and storyboards.
  • Extra digital content such as icons, wallpapers, phone backgrounds.
  • And more!
The best part is, you will have a direct hand in JAAComic's success. We cannot thank you guys enough for your support, we would not be here without you!

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Supplies of All Varieties
At this level, JAAComics can get supplies for our artists to make the pages! On top of that, our artists can get a few cups of coffee to make comic pages to not die from exhaustion.

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