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About J. A. Noelle

Who Am I?

I’m J. A. Noelle, a writer and digital artist with a deep love for all things fantasy, and an unhealthily powerful affinity for small dogs. If you have been around Twitter or conventions in the Southeast in recent years, you may have come across me under the username of RootGryph, which has since been retired to make way for my cross-platform username that I now use: willOwispii. I am an active member of the furry fandom, as well as a D&D enthusiast and Dungeon Master, LARPer, annual NaNoWriMo participant, and all around Huge Nerd.

I enjoy writing stories of all kinds that fall underneath the fantasy umbrella, with my current projects being anthropomorphic in nature. (That is, featuring talking animals.) Think of classics like Watership Down, Warriors, and The Secret of NIMH , and you will get a good feel of the inspirations I work off of in this genre. However, while I am currently experimenting in anthropomorphic fiction, I have always loved high fantasy, with my personal favorite stories featuring elaborate systems of magic, strong adventure plotlines, and plenty of interpersonal and political intrigue.

In short, I love to dabble in all things fantastical, regardless of subject, time period, and types of creatures. Storytelling and worldbuilding are my passions, and I want to take you along for the ride!

Why start up a Patreon campaign?

I have carried the dream to be an author and illustrator since I first began taking my passions seriously at the tiny age of fourteen. While I originally approached this dream with the intention of pursuing my passions on the side, while working full-time elsewhere, as time passes, I have come to realize that my priorities were grossly out of order back then.
My heart burns with the desire to share stories and characters with the world, and to build up a community and a dialogue around the art form of writing, and just how much stories can affect, help, and move audiences.

Some of my fondest memories are of sharing stories with friends, creating characters together to go on long-winded adventures conducted via text messages, and staying up late on weekends to LARP. I have never been more moved, more comforted, and more in touch with myself than when I was seeing the world through new eyes. It was through these experiences that I realized just how powerful stories could be, allowing escape, creative vibrancy, and even self-reflection in a safe space of shared storytelling.

So now, I want to open that door up to all of you. My stories, though reflections of my interests, are written with the intention of grappling with difficult real-life situations and discussions, the examination of the human condition and all its eccentricities, and the experience of suffering and rising from the ashes.

So please, take this journey with me, and open your heart and mind worlds far beyond our own. I hope to, in time, use my writing and artwork as a platform to make a real difference in the lives of those thirsting for community, comfort, and self-introspection.

And, above all, I want to show all of my fellows who happen to deal with great sadness, pain, and mental illness – just as I do – that you are not alone. We are strong. We have each other, and there is never an end to hope. Enter Project Dustfall…

Welcome to Project Dustfall

While I will be working on multiple projects simultaneously, much of the material released on this Patreon and on my social media accounts will be affiliated with Dustfall: a story that has been brewing in my mind for many years that follows the themes of personal growth, mental illness, and perseverance.

Meet Twinkle, a new wishing star who comes to Pangaia – an alternate version of our world – with the sole desire to grant a wish spoken on the solar winds so many years ago.
However, when he arrives to meet the girl he heard call out to him, he finds her hurting, suffering with self-loathing and a crushing darkness that clings to her. Suddenly, the sadness of his Wisher and the darkness of the world of Pangaia come crashing down on him, forcing him to grapple with issues including his own death, loneliness, and the feeling of not belonging in this new world he had come to love. 

Dustfall will be a written endeavor that will be released in chapters, with the expected norm being one or two chapters per month. I will also be creating and sharing character art, world documents, and other information about the world and its happenings here on Patreon! Keep your eyes peeled for short comics and supplementary short stories as well, which will be available for purchase separately, or available as rewards at higher tiers when they release.

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone supporting my efforts to pursue my dreams and begin fostering my career as an independent writer and artist. I really can’t tell you just how much even the smallest pledge means to me. It took me so many years to recognize that I had the ability to pursue what I loved, and that I had the worth to step out into the unknown to make it happen. Your belief in and support of me is overwhelming, and I truly can’t thank you enough.
Thank you so very much.

Take care, and stay strong! Conquer your dreams, and take that leap!

Interested in My Previous Works?

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