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About JB2448 and Pals

Illuminate Scanlations is a team aiming to provide accurate, uncensored, and uncorrupted translations of Pocket Monsters Special/Adventures that are faithful to the original series.

Names will not be swapped, no personal "headcanons" will be inserted, and the art will remain unaltered in the original right-to-left reading format, as the author and artist originally intended.

Unfortunately, most of the raw purchases are provided by Crt, who doesn't have enough funds to pay off his bills.

By setting up a Patreon, we hope that you like our work enough to help pay a small fraction of the costs to help provide speedily releases. These monthly magazines, along with fast shipping, rack up over even a short period time.

Estimations per monthly purchase is about $20, whereas the original book costs about $8-$9.

For a real example, the past two SM chapters have costed Crt roughly $35-$40, which is really expensive for 24 pages in newspaper quality.

That's a ton of money he's sinking in to purchase these products overseas.

We would be really grateful if you could donate $2-$3, as that'll help cover some of the expensive shipping costs that he has to deal with.

The funds will be strictly used to purchase Pokémon manga raws for the community or to help maintain the site it's been hosted on for almost a decade.

Our main goal is to hit at least $60, because hosting a site that contains over 5000 images in their highest, non-compressed quality costs a ton of money.
92% complete
Help pay server fees and bills to keep JB2448.info ad-free!

This also helps us in being able to purchase and replace the relatively poor quality scans we have on the site for the volumes that need it most.
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