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is creating a Jiu Jitsu album.
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Thanks for helping me realize this dream of making an album! I'll share the process of making this album happen and what goes into the production process. You Rock!




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About JC Ingram

So, 2 years ago I had a car accident and got a serious concussion. Everything I had going for me went sideways. My career, family, health, and mental abilities all fell apart...in the end I had to put myself back together with writing, jiujitsu and guitar. I even got a mohawk for a BJJ fundraiser and raised $200 bucks!  

So I had to teach myself to play guitar again after my accident and now I'm working on an album. But not just any album...this ones about Jiu Jitsu songs! I'm really excited about the project and I hope you enjoy the posts!

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Studio Time...I would like to record a demo album. Your help would be appreciated!
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