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A casual gamer and "comedian" ( I think I'm funny ) wanting to make money with but also bring enjoyment with my real love and expertise of movies, games and all things under the nerd kingdom. I do believe I can offer an experience you will all enjoy.
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Guaranteed friendship, and a crisp high five. Also, you'll feel good for helping your favorite person ever.

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Look at us! We are hanging out online, and I'm even giving you, or your channel shout outs personally on stream, and I will probably butcher your pronunciation, fyi.

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We've come a long way, now we are even talking on a private discord. Get some behind the scenes action on my process.

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Oh hell yeaahh!! This is what we've been waiting for, your name, in lights across all my platforms, in text form, as a super producer of this content, which means. you get some sway on the discord about where the conversation goes, and what games I play for the next stream / video.

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When I reach my first $200 I will be using this and money from my day job to help with buying a new computer to help with editing videos.
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