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is creating The Official Jurassicraft Modpack Server
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"If Everyone"
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If everyone gave one dollar, we would have enough money to offset the costs significantly.

You get the following:

  • Patreon Contributor Role on the DragonPeas Network Discord. (Automatically Applied)
Includes Discord rewards
Server Recognized
per month
Giving us five dollars will grant you a little more recognition for helping support the DragonPeas Network.

You get the following:

  • Patreon Contributor Role on the DragonPeas Network Discord. (Automatically Applied)
  • Patreon Prefix/Suffix on the Jurassicraft Modpack Server. (Manually Applied)
Includes Discord rewards
DragonPeas Network Emotes
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Providing us with fifteen dollars helps us out very much. We thank you for helping us keep the server up.

You get the following:

  • Patreon Contributor Role on the DragonPeas Network Discord. (Automatically Applied)
  • Patreon Suffix on the Jurassicraft Modpack Server. (Manually Applied)
  • Your choice of up to three (3) different emojis/emotes to be added on the DragonPeas Network Server. (Manually Applied, Emotes require Review)*

*Emotes remain on the server for 2 months after the last pledge made. There can only be 10 Patreons on this plan, so only 30 slots on the server are reserved for the Patreons. Emojis must conform to the Network Rules.

Includes Discord rewards




per month

About The DragonPeas

Welcome everyone and my name is Peashooter101!

I am the leader of DragonPeas and the Owner of the DragonPeas Network. A few months ago, I became the Head Administrator of a server named Jurassicraft, running a modpack dubbed the "Official Jurassicraft Modpack" on the Minecraft Curse Launcher. As a result, I have become a very pivotal role in the server in technical support, server sustainability, and just overall hiring new staff members and managing the player base. Recently, the Jurassicraft Modpack server has reached the end of its lifespan and in an attempt to keep it up, we offer this Patreon Page.

Currently, this server is funded purely by the paycheck I, Peashooter101, receive on the first and fifteenth of each month as an Enlisted E-3 Rank. I would appreciate the assistance in keeping this server up and the cost of maintaining the server low as well.

The Modpack is already set up on the Curse/Twitch and Technic Launchers! Come join us to check it out!

Curse Page:
Technic Page: ***Not currently supported***

Jurassicraft 2 Mod Patreon Page:

Your donation will greatly help the entire Jurassicraft Community and Development Teams grow. See the donation goals for more details regarding the plans we have for the donations you provide.

Beta News: The Jurassicraft Modpack is awaiting the release of Jurassicraft 2 for 1.12.2. Once this happens, there will be a server beta server to test out the features, functionality, and all that fancy stuff for the modpack. If you would like to participate, you must either be a Patreon or have Park Ranger or higher on the server.

We will be adding more rewards to the currently existing tiers and then some as soon as we discover new plugins that add some amazing features.

~ Jared S.
DragonPeas Leader
DP Jurassicraft Modpack Owner
$0 of $40 per month
This goal supports the server's basic upkeep needs. This ensures the continued success, up-time, and support towards the server.

How would we use this money?
  • To pay off the server requirements for the month, every month.
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