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Greetings, fellow human! I am J. D. Blood, an emerging author who doesn't quite have a grip on things yet.

What do I write? Well, a lot of things. Most frequently, I conjure up micro-poetry or micro-fiction. When I have more time on my hands I write longer short stories, and when the inspiration hits I write longer poems. I also dabble in novels and plays from time to time. A lot of what I create has a speculative element, though that's not a universal rule. If you want some first-hand examples, feel free to look at my Twitter* (where I post new micro-works and/or rant about life almost daily) or Wattpad* (where I'm working on putting all my Twitter-tales in one location).

As a college student, I am very busy most of the year and can't make any huge promises as to what I can provide on a regular basis. For this reason, I'm keeping things simple for now: two low-cost tiers delivering various amounts of poetry. I will also keep everyone updated with significant events in my writing career. If ever the heaven-gates of time become slightly less obstructed, I will open up new tiers and offer new benefits (aside from just "even more short poems!").

Anyway, I figured starting with something was better than not doing anything. Writing has been my passion since childhood and ultimately any support will help me fulfill this lifelong dream of mine. Hopefully I can one day make a living doing what I love.

One more thing: I am super open to questions, comments, discussions, and so on and so forth, so you are encouraged to send me your thoughts. I love talking about my writing! And other things!

*I am including copy-paste-able links for my Twitter and Wattpad here in case they didn't work above:
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Another day, another dollar. This way I'm earning one dollar per day even in the longest of months (including that elusive 32-day month). I will start posting two short poems per month once I reach this mark.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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