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   Hello, and thanks for visiting!  For those who don't feel like reading through the longer paragraphs below, here's a concise explanation: I am releasing the first story arc of Frank Riverside, cyber-sleuth of the year 2219, one chapter at a time. Just $1 per month will get you the main story up to its current release instantly, and each new chapter going forward.  To sample the tone and direction of the story please scroll down, and find the 'Things to Come' entry.

   The year is 2219, and the last century has been rough. As foretold, the ocean has slowly, but surely, encroached further onto lands all around the world. Islands, cities, and even entire nations have been brought to their knees, displaced, or have perished. To add insult to injury, the shifting world has off-balanced countless habitats, and weather patterns. Out at sea, the surface of the ocean which mankind freely traversed for so long, has become incredibly dangerous, and highly unpredictable. Despite many concerted attempts to devise a cost-effective way of circumventing the dangers of modern inter-continental shipping, none have met with large-scale success. The 'global economy' has, effectively, collapsed. Each remaining community, big or small, has been forced to 'turn inward' and subsist on what resources can already be found within their own remaining lands.
   For the United States, the results have been nothing short of catastrophic. There are volatile 'ripple' storms, which have continually rampaged up and down the coasts for 85 years. Horrible epidemics, starvation, and dehydration have crashed in waves over millions of scrambling refugees for decades at a time, as they are forced further inland over the course of each tumultuous year. Best sources estimate that there has been a 1/3rd reduction in the nation's overall population.

   While the economic and social implications for pockets of the Midwest were just as dire as anywhere, the environmental impact has been comparatively mild. Spring and summer have risen to an even more humid, and wet period. Fall has turned into a time of dryness, sometimes interrupted with brief, but powerful thunderstorms. These storms with dangerous, hurricane level winds, form and subside within mere hours. Winter has become a true wildcard. The season is capable of dumping volumes of snow previously only associated with parts of Russia and Canada. On the other hand, it can also involve nearly no moisture, with long, bitter, 'freeze-dries' plummeting below -30 Fahrenheit for days at a time. On the whole, the population has been able to adapt, and produce enough food to feed themselves due to their uninterrupted access to the aquifer under their feet. That, combined with vast swaths of previously unused land, has caused a flourishing resurgence of a lifestyle lost outside the Midwest. Thanks to a constant influx of motivated, displaced people, and a surviving infrastructure, Nebraska's Lincoln and Omaha have grown into one gigantic metro area. This place has become a mecca of culture, prosperity, and stability in a country that has long since fallen into disarray.

   When I was a kid, my answer to the 'what'll you be as a grown-up' question was very consistent: a writer. (Also, a 'dessert chef', but that faded when I realized I wouldn't get to eat all of the desserts I made.)  Surprisingly enough, that answer has remained true ever since.  Now I am 28, and for most of my time, I've been forced to prioritize everything but my calling.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Over the years, I've gained useful skills to a person of my inclination.  Some of them are practical and obvious, while others are esoteric and technical, but all of them matter.  On top of that, I've been exposed to countless fascinating ideas, places, and people.  All the while, I've been creating and composing on the side.
    Now, I've arrived at a fork in the road.  I am choosing to shift my focus.  I truly believe, that storytelling is not only my most satisfying career pursuit internally, but also, that it's the best thing I can personally give the world.  I intend to bring everything to the table in my efforts to tell the most engaging, enthralling, and powerful stories I can.

  If you look at my 'goals' on the right hand side, you will a detailed explanation of what I wish to do with each theoretical level of funding.  I'm not trying to imply I will be starving or homeless without patronage!  Those goals are to indicate at what levels I will be able to start transitioning more time into constant support of my Patreon/storytelling, and why.  At the same time, I am currently working to lower my monthly expenses: rent, food, taking on a roommate, etc., so I can work fewer day-job hours, and devote the extra energy to what I love.  I think it is important to be transparent, and it's one of the things that attracted me to this platform to begin with. 

   While it's true that the 'traditional' routes to becoming a full-time author still exist, thus far I remain skeptical that they are the right answer for me.  Storytelling should ultimately be between those telling it, and those experiencing it.  I would much prefer to reach out to people via a medium they regularly use, and readily have access to.  Here on the internet, there is a possibility to build a more direct relationship, with dynamic feedback from a community of like-minded individuals.  Beyond that, Patreon is geared toward artistic pursuits, and already contains an awesome group I'd love to be a part of.  There is a downright baffling amount of amazing content on here, folks!  Look around, and directly support people making their dreams happen.  It's a beautiful thing!

   In short?  Instead of throwing an entire book at someone, I will be providing palatable, bite-sized chunks, one at a time. Over the last 3 years, I've feverishly scribbled during lunch breaks, and contemplated the story-world for many hours on weekends.  In that time, I've composed the first story arc of a series, revolving around protagonist Frank Riverside. (See first post below for the opening of that story.) This plot is about 18-20 chapters long, based on where I choose to split them up.  These 'chapters' can be anywhere from 4,000 words in length to 9,000.  I want the story to dictate the chapters, not the other way around.  Suffice it to say, it's 'not short', but it's not 'super-long' either. (Think: Medium-length novel.) 

  For the most part, that story is ready to go.  It's been written from beginning to end, and awaits only to be typed up (I meant that 'scribbling in notebooks' thing), and edited for punctuation.  As such, you won't be waiting on me to compose the next chapter from scratch, merely for me to polish it up to presentation standards.  That is why I am confident I can deliver 3 chapters a month, spaced a week apart. (I will stick as consistently as I can to a specific day of the week.)  I'll use the 'off week' to create other material, which will deepen the characters and world of the series.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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