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  • A Legacy item that transcends campaigns to maybe find each of your characters and that will grow differently for each one.
  • Change your nickname on my main discord server, because why not.
  • A direct invite to the special discord server for my worldbuilding, no bonuses but it saves you needing to find the link from the internet.
Includes Discord benefits
Generic Traveller
Limited (38 of 40 remaining)
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  • Ever felt like your legacy item needed to turn up even when you aren't around? I'll make it possible to drop in other campaigns!
  • Heck, you can get an NPC and make some of the backstory to be added into my overall world lore.
  • All previous Tiers (non stackable)
Includes Discord benefits
The Folk Legend
Limited (18 of 20 remaining)
per month
At this point I'll think you are insane, but all the better.
  • Your named NPC you can be given a detailed, world effecting backstory and they may appear in campaigns from that point on.
  • Oh and speaking about legacy tems, I'll allow it to be attuned, meaning I'll give it a special power.
  • If you want to see me work on levels or know some stuff about how I do things, sure I'll talk.
  • Behind the scenes role allowing you to give input in the development of my homebrew system and the development of lore in my world.
  • All previous Tiers (non stackable)
Includes Discord benefits




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So basically, patreon seemed the easiest one to use...
Without anyone paying, I'll have to go work; meaning I may have no time to run any more games and might not have enough energy or time to run as many games as I like.
Keep D&D alive!
Each tier will give you the relevant discord role and all stuff from lower ones.
I should like, throw a discord link here for people.
$51 of $350 per month
I'll go full time, run a session a day for people with enough players, even put aside some time to invest in streaming D&D
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