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About JDubz Games

Hi potential Patrons, my name is Jeff and I’m an up in coming Indie Video Game Developer. My life long dream and goal of this campaign is to start a Game Development studio and make Indie games for Nintendo New 3DS & Nintendo Switch (as well as other popular platforms eventually).

I have 20+ years experience in computer programming and I’ve been a Nintendo gamer my entire life. I’m very passionate about 2D side scrolling platformers and for the past few years have been learning how to develop them using the Unity game engine. I’m finally familiar enough with Unity to begin creating original games.

I already have a vision for the first original game I dream of developing for Nintendo Switch. I’ve always been a huge fan of 2D sidescrolling action platformers and the “Metroidvania” genres. I’m also a fan of anime & manga and find the “cel-shaded” graphic art style very aesthetically pleasing in video games. I envision a 2D “Metroidvania” action platformer with badass (yet adorable) graphics, compelling plot, lots of fun weapons and upgrades, epic boss battles, a huge map with secret areas to discover and a TON of freaky looking enemies to shoot up! In a nutshell, I’d want this game to display the same balance of fun & challenging gameplay elements that held up from the classic NES & SNES titles of this genre with a modern / polished look (that Nintendo fans expect to see on the New 3DS & Switch eShops). I also ensure you guys that I will strive to feature a few secret touches to distinguish it from competing games so it stands out as memorable in the genre.

With your help, we’ll be able to raise enough money to cover a Plus plan subscription for Unity as well as a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. In the near future, after the above goal is met I’m also looking to raise the funds needed to purchase a Nintendo New 3DS & Nintendo Switch Developer Kit so I’ll be able to live my dream of making games and then publish a bunch of fun games for you guys to play!

Thank you so much for checking out my campaign. Your support is very much appreciated!
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My first goal is to raise enough money to subscribe to a Plus plan for Unity as well as the Adobe Create Cloud. The Plus plan subscription is $35 per month and will allow me to publish games for platforms including Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox. The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is $20 per month and will allow me to use the Adobe Graphics suite to make higher quality games with better graphics.

If you guys could help me raise enough to cover this goal, it would help so much!!!

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