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About Jimbo

RIP Gary (2011-2017)
Gary didn't die.
He lived.

What will I (JIMBO) be doing with my valued Patreon supporters money:

1. I want to complete the Gary the Goat movie (I've got the final edit on movie maker and have done test screenings. I now need to do post-production on it in order to enter it into film festivals).

2. I want to taxiderm Gary's body (rooting another goat) with the phrase under it: 'The only fuck Gary ever gave'.
This has been quoted at 13K

3. I want to finish off the bronze statue which is  all ready been commisioned to Australia's premier sculptor Brett Garling: https://www.garlinggallery.com.au/ and https://www.australianbronze.com/contactpage/
Estimated cost 50-80K

4. I want to register the Gary the Goat Political Party for the next federal election.
Informally we got 10% of the vote last federal election.

5. I want to earn enough money to take another goat on the road (Kevin the cunt) and start the madness again - with my young family in tow too.

A big thank you to everyone who supports me - my family and I really appreciate it.
I'm not going to do any reward things on this Patreon because it takes up too much admin time.
Just give what you feel comfortable with and in return I'll keep working on the above five projects - for you all to hopefully enjoy down the road!

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