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For just 1 dollar a month you can get a more personalized experience with me! You can directly contact me and I will react to all your video suggestions first! 

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If you have 5 dollars and want to treat me to a cup of coffee or lunch, I will be extremely grateful. It helps support me and the channel. But once again only offer what you're comfortable with. I honestly don't expect anything in return for my work as long as you guys enjoy it! 

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Maybe you're rich and want to treat me to two coffees??? Jokes aside, if you pledge this tier - honestly - I have very little to offer you as of right now but a truly wholesome thank you. 




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About JJ Huang

My name is JJ and I make reaction videos and other videos about my life! I'm just starting out and have much to learn. If you like what I do and my videos, then you can support me via Patreon. However, do not feel obligated to give me anything, only give what you want. I'm more than happy with just an audience who likes what I do. Cheers!

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