is creating FRAGMENT:Star Child.

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As a potato you get your name in the credits.   

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As a Numbskull you get your name in the credits, 

and i will try to give you progress updates.

Star Child
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As a Star Child you get your name in the credits, I will try to give you progress updates about the game and get the demo before everyone else. 




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FRAGMENT:Star Child is an rpg game made in gamemaker studio 2, it has some what simple graphics and will have multiple endings, it is heavily inspired by undertale, earthbound, homestuck and deltarune.

Hello to all the potential patrons, My name is James and i'm 16 years old,
me and maybe some of my friends are making a game called
"FRAGMENT:Star Child" we will be using gamemaker studio 2 to make
the game. If you become a patreon you will get updates about the game 
progress and your name will be in the credits. I plan on releasing the game 
late march 2019.
$0 of $100 per month
when i reach £100 i will release some of the
soundtrack, and i will answer 10 questions.
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