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is creating flash fiction, short stories, & web serials.
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Perhaps you have read my published works. Or maybe we discussed our favorite genre. Or you just like the idea of what I am doing. No matter what it is, you support earns my eternal thanks..

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In addition of supporting my work you will gain access to my Patreon posts and the web serials, the Ark.

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In addition to my thanks and access to the Ark series, you will receive my short story collection which will be coming out at the end of 2019. 




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About J.M. Van Horn

During the day I thwart criminals during the day but when the sun goes down, I spend time creating tales blended with horror and urban fantasy. I am eager to share how there are endless levels of horror.through short stories, novella, web serials, and novels.

I will start with sharing some of my previously published works and posts on my writing progress.

When the first goal is met I will begin to share a horror web serial which will feature snippets of the universe I am crafting from various points of views.

If things go well in 2019 I will follow this up with an anthology of horror related short stories.

Welcome to the stuff dreams and nightmares are made of through endless levels of horror.
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The end goal will be to create an anthology consisting of 13 horror stories. Scog level patreons will receive a discount off the cover price. Dorpion level patreons will receive a free digital copy.

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