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Much Thanks and thanks to donating to an inspired determined artist. Here you will get access to exclusive first looks and progress notes on my comic "Sara of Earth" as well as other work I am creating for others and for my portfolio. Also get a chance to suggest pin-up and or ideas to have me draw and create.
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I'm a freelance illustrator out of Queens, and working at the day job most of the time. I have been drawing since I was 4 years old and have never stopped. I studied illustration at SVA (The School of Visual Arts) where I learned from Comic Legends Joe Orlando and Walter Simonson. I have been illustrating comics, sketch-cards, storyboards for film and TV for some time now, all the while working to pay the bills. Bu no matter what Illustration & Comic art has always been my passion and I have been trying to make it into my life long career. 

About My Work

The one thing I have always expressed to friends and or kids that have asked me for tips and to learn more about my work, I always say, learn from everything and everything. Like many artists I have had many influences that contribute to my way of work. I self taught myself to do digital work and incorporate that into my work. I still do mostly hand done work and I mix media to get the effect I need for each piece. I do mostly comic book art and I am trying to get my own comic title started and I have other stories I want to tell as well.

About my Patreon Page

My goal is to be able to pursue and push my work more and more. I have several goals and high among them is producing my creator owned comic title "Sara of Earth" a sci-fi action dramady that I have been developing for many years now. It had a previous incarnation but that fell by the wayside. However I am determined to put it out, as well produce high quality artwork of your favorite charecters as well do sketch covers and other illustration work. You can expect on this page, fan art, sketch cover work and of course behind the scenes work on "Sara of Earth" I will be posting sketches, works in progress, page layouts and any other work, I am working on aside from the comic. I hope what is made here, will help fund some day to day costs as well as the ability to attend conventions and get better equipment to share my journey with you all. It will also help in me being able to dedicate more time for my work and produce more art for you and all my fans. You will see my work here first before I post it anywhere else as well as Patreon exclusive first looks and art.

About Sara!

Sara has been a passion of mine for many, many years now. I have always wanted to create a character that many can relate to. Also I felt that there were not enough or any Latin charecters in the comics industry. So after working on another idea that was not moving anywhere, Sara popped into my head. I didn't want to create a Latin character just for the sake of making one but one that I would be proud of and one that my niece now nieces and if I ever had a daughter would like and be inspired by.
A mix of Buffy and Green Lantern, Sara is a 16 year old student that accidentally gets infused with a powerful and unstable power unit that she is now the living embodiment of. A rather short and gruff alien soldier that Sara calls "Bob" because she can't pronounce his name. Who was the possessor of that power prior to Sara, must now guide Sara into using her new abilities. Sara just wants to live her normal life but an evil that was defeated before is close to breaking through the barrier that it is imprisoned in. And Sara's power is the key for it to come back into our reality.
I plan to make it a complete story with a definitive ending. But who knows if it is received well I can make side stories. But that is my main goal that I am working on now.

Your the best!

I want to thank you for taking some time to reading about me and what I hope to accomplish and your patronage is greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing my work and have company along this journey.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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