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About JSeed

Why Support Me?

Great question!  With so many other fun things to do on the internet why ARE you still here?

I still can't get rid of you?  Ok fine then.  Here's the deal:

I'd love for this fun hobby of mine (playing games in a great community online) to become a way I can provide more for BabySeed down the road.  Sure I have a job and it pays the bills, but I dream of this REALLY growing and being able to pour that generosity into his little life.  Plus being able to turn around and give back to our little community will be a great!

"But J, How does Patreon work"? you might be asking.  I'm glad you asked.  It is important to know what this is all about.  Thanks to the folks at Patreon for putting this explanation together:
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The First $10.00 each month that I recieve will go toward upgrading the quality of my videos.  Better editing/recording/quality upgrades.
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