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is creating JT Garbo YouTube
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 Win the 'Trusted' rank and 'Patron' rank on JT's Discord, which unlocks hidden special abilities to your account on JTD, and you will be shouted out on the JT Garbo Talkshow, and will score a permanent opening as a talkshow co-host and can apply for JTD Moderator position.

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About Jarrad Taylor


I'm Jarrad, and I run the JT Garbo YouTube channel and JT's Discord server. I created the YouTube channel in 2012, to share my passion across to many other screens across the world. By mid-2014, my channel had surpassed 150 subscribers, and more than 80,000 views in total. Now, the YouTube channel has surpassed 300,000 viewers and has accumulated over 500 subscribers. 

JT Garbo (JTG) is a thriving YouTube channel that films videos relating on-road vehicles (mainly garbage trucks) for his audience. JT also hosts a Discord server, named JT's Discord (JTD). Some of the Patron Tier rewards involve a special role on JTD, open only for patrons! More detail is shown below.

How can I help?

There is a very large subscriber base at JT Garbo, and each individual expects quality and professional videos to be uploaded to our channel. Many people rely on JT Garbo to bring the important updates and high priority videos to YouTube when it comes to the on-road section of the activity, particularly the waste industry. So I am calling upon the JTG and JTD community to crowdfund the channel so you can expect more locations, improved channel equipment and much more to benefit on the viewer positivity of the channel.

What will I get in return?

If you become a Patron, you will be able to claim a special role for the JT's Discord server, and hidden special abilities on the server. You will also be featured/shouted out on the Friday episode of the JT Garbo Talkshow, hosted live on the JT Garbo YouTube channel by Jarrad Taylor and PJ Brokke. 

What are your plans for the future?

  • Improved locations for filming - The more funding we receive equals the further locations we can travel to. This can also possibly mean the uploads can be more frequent if we get enough funds to go to other locations.
  • Improved channel equipment - A vital for a YouTube channel is to have high-quality channel equipment, to improve and increase ratings and to get an overall positive outcome from the viewer.

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