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About Johnny Vega

Thank you for visiting my Patreon site and taking the time to read this. I've been involved in photography for years now, ever since I was a teenager

Ever since I got a part-time job as a photographer I was captivated with capturing every beautiful moment I could. That split of a second, when the shutter fires, captures for eternity that special moment. This has taught me to see the world from a totally different point of view.

Through the years I have expanded different passions thanks to photography. For several years I was a director of bodypainting contest, cooperated with cultural foundations and organizations. At the moment I help people to break their complexes by charity work at Development of Medical Make-Up Foundation “Kamuflaż”, where we help children and adults with skin changes, such as scars or malformations. Short make-up class increases their faith in themselves.

As a photographer, I constantly look for new challenges and new fields where I can check my skills.

For that reason I’m now going back to my model photography and combining all the aspects of my previous jobs with my hobby as a recreational diver with the hopes of developing my underwater photography. I am hoping to start using models, for artistic images, taken underwater. They will then be posted regularly online and available to buy as prints. I also hope to have an exhibition at some point, showing this work off.
So, to make my dreams come true I started youtube channel where I will upload my "How to .." videos, showing every step of photography. You might find them interesting as I try to introduce in it some basic and intermediate knowledge every photographer should have in my opinion.

I know you must get lots of requests asking for support, but what I have planned is a totally unique idea in the UK, but I can only do this via help from the likes of yourselves.
Thanks again for checking me out, and I hope to see you on my patron list!

Model : Olga Krasova

Model ; Dagmara Adamiak

Model ; Irena Szeszko
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Once we reach this collective monthly commitment it will allow me to buy a better camcoder and microphone. This will improve quality of my video materials.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
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