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This will be something that can come and go, I'm happy to know that someone bought me a Coffee or Meal as thanks; or as I look later down the line - that a new equipment purchase that Improves my Quality is Thanks to You

Either way, the smile I shall have will be great.

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Thank you for wanting to donate and become part of the Strength In Numbers; this can allow me to a variety of things as it can vary in it's total amount. No matter how big or small - it leads to something down the line and you are apart of that reason for it :)

  • This tier will be the Strength In Numbers Tier; and it is for those who want more of what they love. So I will create a Patron Exclusive video every month that will talk about my Creative Process, as well as show the Behind The Scenes of that Months Top Video.




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About J_M_D_M

Hello Guys And Gals!

I'm Jonathan, best known as J_M_D_M or Jonathan Mateo Digital Media!

I love all things digital media as it's such a diverse and wonderful medium. I want to create entertaining content and share stories along the way
as I grow in my audience I hope to grow in skill, but also quality.

With your patronage it can help me improve the video and photo quality, make it so that I can put forth a lot more time to making content, and create a series of external rewards for you, the Patron!

If I have earned your patronage, please become mine! Let's go through this journey together!

- Jonathan (J_M_D_M)

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