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Welcome to the PaK young wolf PuP!
Every bit counts, and every new project and content I produce, I owe in part to you.  Not everyone can give a lot, but you chose to give something, and for that I am sincerely grateful.  Thank you.
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When I was starting out, there was a gamer named biscuit that donated to my paypal every month, not once asking for anything in return. That donation was a big part of what kept me going in some of the roughest spots in my career. This level is named after him.
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About JaKaTaK

Hi, my name is Thomas Labonte, but most people call me JaK.  When you contribute to this Patreon, you are supporting my Twitch stream and YouTube channel where I make a variety of content that generally involves gaming, and sometimes music too!  You also support my odd fascination with efficiency and hotkeys in the project...

TheCore is a community driven project that FoxyMayhem and I started.  Our goal is to create the most efficient and ergonomic hotkey layout for Starcraft 2. For downloads and information check out our Google Drive folder.  Join our Discord server to get help from real humans on how to be more efficient

Thank you for watching (and reading)!
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My absolute most basic living expenses cost about 2000 a month.  If contributions reach this point I will disable all advertisements on my content and be completely and directly employed by the people who appreciate my content.  This allows me to be free from the looming shadow of the view count, CPMs and other businessy garbage that take away from my time spent focused on making awesome things as awesome as possible.
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