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About Kidd Holzman

I am a freelancer artist! I am also the mother of two wonderful children, Seraphim and Shaide. I am also a loving a devoted wife to my dear husband Matt, who is the second half of JaNai Studios! 

I hope to get one of my comics off the ground as well as produce more original content instead of living on drawing everyone else characters but my own!I hope to make a name for myself as well as our studio. I want to make a living doing something I love and shareing something I enjoy doing with as many people as I can! I hope to provide a creative entertainment for more people! I want to draw more things I want to draw over accepting a lot of commissions. I want to work more on my comics, Doll art, fan art, and much more! I do still plan on doing commission but only when I want to! therefore producing my best work! Id love to do more video draws, as well as get out of my comfort zone and have my ability grow more!

I am going to update one comic one a week! I wan't to work up to updating all three of them each week! I will produce more fan and personal art for all you as well! I will be holding giveaways each month for  Kidd and Warui Tiers, I do want to open special giveaways to all Tiers on occassion as well!
Everyone can also vote on what happens in one of the comics as a community built adventure! 
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I hope to reach 1000 Patreons to increase the entertainment of the community run comic 'The Game.' 
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