Jac Painter

is creating Mixed media paintings, resin and found objects
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About Jac Painter

Jac is an Atlanta based artist. While walking thru the Krog Street Tunnel in the spring of 2017 she noticed freshly painted mural art. She noticed that there was a dimensionality to the art beyond the 2 dimensions. Because of years of street art, the paint beneath had begun to crack and chip. It appeared as though the street artist had cleared a patch of old, cracking paint— giving the edges a border. The chips had fallen to the ground, some small, some big. The edges were jagged and you could see years of layers of paint, art, intention. She collected those and treasured them. They shouldn’t be thrown away. Inspiration hit and through the power of online learning she created her first piece: “K for Krog” -a gift for her husband. She was hooked. Before deciding to do more, she consulted with members of the street art community on the ethics of “repurposing” pieces of someone else’s art. It was widely agreed that as long as it wasn’t a direct representation, it was giving permanence to an otherwise temporary artform.

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