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We create our own stories. We use our collective amplified voices to shape the narrative about our lives. We are immigrants. We all have stories. We matter.  We want our voices to be heard. We inspire a new generation to believe in their inherent powers to change the world. In their own way. We inspire ourselves to be more. We allow ourselves the grace to be real. We are not always right. However, that is okay.  Our keypads give us power. Together, we win. One poem, one story, one song, one article at a time. Stories to inspire, empower, motivate and enlighten. 

From here you can support us to keep curating and creating new content that will shape our journey in Alberta. We want to focus more on issues like our health, our women and children, mental health and more. Thank you in advance for 'getting' what we are trying to do.

Jacana Books.

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