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Hello, I'm Jack. I've been creating games for a while. My first game was built using PowerPoint in 2004. My first released game was in 2007. I left school when I was 13, and spent the extra time teaching myself things I thought more useful and relevant to me (Games! Programming!). Despite formal education, I landed a job at YoYo Games when I was 20 where I got to work on a lot of different things and learn much stuff. I was there just under 5 years. I'm now 27 and doing that indy thing.

My main project these days is GameBeans, a web-based (and soon to be Desktop) Javascript IDE for creating games, with a focus on learning without limitations. GameBeans is the reason I set up this page. As of writing (September 2018), GameBeans is 1 year old! A lot of time and money has gone into making it, and providing it for free! So I'm hoping some people will find this tool helpful and wish to support it's development.

I also spend a lot of time working on things for game jams, as well as hosting game jams (LOWREZJAM and JamCraft).
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