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Every dollar counts. Every dollar donated to us goes straight to improving Mila's performance!

Includes Discord rewards
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Donating $2.50 allows us to pay 1/4th of the main server bill for a month.

Includes Discord rewards
per month

Donating $5 every month is enough to pay the rent for a single music server in a continent around the world, it allows us to greatly improve music quality!

Includes Discord rewards



About JackTEK

Hey There

The team at Mila Software take great pride in making sure that Mila Bot is of the quality that we promise she is! We run Mila on the contributions you make to her, and in return, we keep Mila running on a super-fast server that makes sure she is always there when you need her!


$1 - Contributer
Donator role on Mila's server
Access to our Patron lounge with insider's info
Access to posts published on Patreon now and then

$2.50 - Supporter
• All previous rewards
Personal & private talks with the Administrators now and then
And much more...

$5 - SysAdmin
• All previous rewards
A mention on our website's contribution page
Inside help with your own bot
Mila Premium for your server of choice
And much more...

$10 - Investor
• All previous rewards
Direct help from the developers in setting up your server

$20 - Overlord
• All previous rewards
No one is expected to pledge this, but if they do, they get special treatment :P

Reward Activation
To claim your rewards, please do the following:
• Connect your Patreon account to Discord - use this guide to help you
• Join the official Mila Discord server
• Visit #help-centre and create a support ticket
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When we hit this we won't be paying out of pocket for our server.
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