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The Start
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Pledging one dollar may seem like nothing, but it's a lot to me! By pledging to this role, you will get a shiny discord role on my server!

(Note: Discord role is just cosmetic, no benefits given.)

Includes Discord rewards
Rising Up
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Holy Crap! You actually went over a dollar! This tier gains access to Videos I make 1 day early, and all tiers below it.

Includes Discord rewards
The End?
Limited (100 of 100 remaining)
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This tier is special. It signifies how much you want to help me, and thus, I will reward you. The title says the end, but it isn't. This tier will go up higher and higher as we grow. This isn't the end, its only the beginning. This tier grants access to Private discord chats, and a new discord role, which shows how much you care. This, of course, also gives out all lower tier rewards.

Includes Discord rewards




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About Jacko1234wdd

I am a part-time Twitch streamer who does it for fun. Since 2015, I have wanted to get big on Twitch and get recognized. But as I don't have the proper equipment or money, that's hard for someone like me. But by pledging, you can change that and help me grow as a streamer!
$0 of $250 per month
Once I reach this amount of money, I will purchase my first microphone!
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