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I'm not expecting many, if any, donations in this double-digit stratosphere, but the world is a strange place. As I'm reminded every #BushWatch.




Bonjourino. My name is Jacob, and twice a year, I lurk in a bush for a day.

If you are reading this, chances are that unless you are a fan of Reading FC and/or follow my Twitter, you have absolutely no idea what is going on.

So let me explain. Let me regale you with the tale of #BushWatch.

As long as I can really remember, I've followed the Royals (the football team, not Kate Middleton and company). God didn't bless me with a knack for playing football, but I'd be damned if I couldn't watch it. And so, watch the Royals I did, over land and sea and Oxf*rd. If you cut me open, I'd bleed blue and white hoops, though I'd rather you didn't.

Fast-forward over a decade - in September 2014, as a bored, bleary-eyed and unemployed youth, I decided to stake out the Madejski Stadium on Transfer Deadline Day for the very first time. In a bush. I can't honestly tell you why. Maybe I felt a calling. Maybe I'm just unhinged.

Regardless, from that day forth, I became one with the #bush. And the beast that is #BushWatch was birthed kicking and screaming onto this mortal coil.

Since then, every January and every August/September, I've acted as the eyes on the ground for the Reading FC mandem - bringing them exclusive photos and a unique insight into the final frenetic few hours of the football transfer window. The first face that any prospective new signings see is, unfortunately, my ugly mug. And then a camera lens. And then a shaking of a #bush.

Just a small sample of my borderline-psychotic undertakings include: borderline harassing Nigel Adkins and his family, watching Ola John being bundled into a black car, becoming best buddies with the Madejski hotel staff, memorising every wrinkle on Nick Hammond's face, developing squat-cramp, and making acquaintances with all those people kind enough to run me down food and coffee during my #BushWatch. Amongst other things.

In August 2016, after #BushWatch trended in 6th place on the Twittersphere, I somehow made national news - appearing on the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1. I later popped up on BBC Radio Berkshire (twice!), Jack FM, and Brum Radio. All of this, plus a peak audience of 4000 people watching #BushWatch live on Periscope, made it a memorable 24 hours indeed.

And then in January 2017, with your support, we had our most successful and eventful #BushWatch to date. In a frenetic few hours, we scored photos of all three new Reading FC signings (with the help of our friends at GetReading, we caught Reece Oxford on live video!). #BushWatch also trended at 3rd spot on Twitter in the UK, racked up 8000 total views on Periscope, and featured once again on primetime BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 5live, in national news outlets, and - bafflingly - the German press. Yes, #BushWatch had somehow gone international.

Later in the year, to help raise money for the Royal Marsden cancer charity in memory of Eamonn Dolan, I auctioned a selection of #BushWatch-branded mugs and T-shirts. In doing so, we raised £130 for one of Reading FC's most beloved servants.

Now, I need your help again - to take #BushWatch to the next level.

I'd love to expand what I do to produce more dedicated, high-quality #BushWatch videos and content, more consistently, and for more of the year.

So what I'm asking of you lovely people, with my tail between my legs, is: if you feel you've enjoyed my previous #BushWatches, and want to help build and ensure the future of #BushWatch, would you consider donating me a dollar* or two? Think of it as a pat on the backI'd really appreciate the gesture. (*Patreon only deals in dollars apparently. For reference, $1 currently equals 77p)

If supporting #BushWatch is something you feel you want to do (and I totally understand if you don't! I wouldn't either), then check out the exclusive rewards on the right-hand sidebar.

Peace, love, and merry bushing,

Jacob South-Klein
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When I reach 25 patrons, I'll purchase a military-issue ghillie suit, to help me better blend in with the Madejski Stadium undershrub.
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