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My name is Christina R. Martinez, and most of my art sites will use my 'art' name of JadedWolfStudios. My work has a focus on Women, the female form, and womens emotions and issues. I currently specialize in REVERSE PAINTING ON GLASS, but also draw with charcoal, pencil, oil pastels, chalk pastels, basically anything I can get my hands on.

I started painting in 2007 when ever I could fit it in with a full time office job. I kinda sucked at it. But the need was strong. This was about the time when sites like MySpace (remember THAT one??), Facebook were kicking up and gave me an outlet of sharing my passion.

Previously, whenever I did actually draw something, I would hide it away. Embarrassed by my novice and lack of skill. But I hit a new stride and then ALL I WANTED TO DO was express and share to anyone and everyone. The glorious internet gave me this. It also gave me feedback and encouragement and people telling me you CAN do this.

I was broke so I had no canvas. I painted on old glass panels that my husband brought home from remodel jobs. I didn't know it at the time but the technique was actually an old technique called 'reverse painting' on glass. I LOVED the way the paint looked on the glass, an almost stained glass quality. A depth. The shine. The way the metallic paints I used would shimmer in and out of view depending on were you were in the room or how the light changed during the day.

in 2009 I actually got bold enough to enter into a few juried shows at local galleries, and was SHOWN at various 'Art Hop' monthly shows at those galleries.

Life changes hit left and right for the next several years that involved moving several times, new jobs, lost jobs, going back to school WHILE working full time, career changes, medical family issues, major shifts in family life.  During those years 2011-2016, though I was too busy and stressed with those major life changes to really practice as much as I wanted, I didn't completely let my art fall away. I produced a few more paintings, hung them in the office of our work place - even SOLD a few large pieces to the customers that would walk in. I got further feedback and encouragement from those customers that "you should be in galleries", "you should do this for a living", "where else can I find your work". I would go thru times of little practice depending on how demanding our job was, and times where I was using office supplies to get my art fix in any way I could.

Though I always played with drawing and painting, In the year 2016 I decided to seriously work on my drawing skills, since I never really in my opinion got very good at it, and I knew working on my drawing would in turn help my painting. I also wanted to work on my confidence to be able to draw from life, and that meant the confidence to draw IN FRONT of people. I get all tangled up in my self when I am trying to draw or paint and know I am being watched. Its like knowing how to walk all your life and as soon as someone is watching, you trip on your feet and stumble repeatedly.

During 2016 - 2018 I noticed a serious difference in my drawing skills and ability to draw what I see ....and the more I practice the faster I get better.   All while fitting this in between work life, family life, ect.  I am excited at the possibilities if able to focus more fully on my art and skill development and cultivation of creative thought. 

Women are powerful, when they allow their own strength and power to come to surface. I love that thru my art I can empower women. Most of my artwork has the female form, portrait, or otherwise emotes the feminine.

I have made life changes and am choosing to use this opportunity to fully pursue my artistic dreams and use this time to further grow in skill and technique, as well as be able to finally have the time for some more experimentation in medias I have not had the opportunity to play with. I look forward to being back in Fresno where I can once again participate in Fresno's various call for artist, shows, arthops, and galleries showings.

Your support would make it possible for me to do so. To see how I evolve in style and subject, and how quickly that can happen with the support to be able to focus on these visual expressions.

I currently post mainly in my Instagram account under "Jadedwolfstudios", and sometimes on my facebook account. And now, I am learning the ropes of Patreon. My intentions are to post on Patreon my daily sketches, short videos of my drawing or painting, clips of my poetry that come from, with, or inspire some of my visual arts, and blogs or videos of myself speaking about what inspired me or detailed about how or why a particular piece came to exist. Guess that depends on what you, my future patrons want.

My art goals outside of Patreon are to enter various Art Hop venues and Call To Artists in the Fresno area and hang my work at these regular monthly venues several times throughout the year.

I don't know what to expect, if anyone will even want to pledge with me. It is a giant experiment. I don't even have any fancy equipment, just my phone and tablet. But for the first time in my life, I am so so hopeful that I will be able to pursue my true self, my true purpose, and BECOME WHO I AM.
Journey with me....
$0 of $500 per month
This goal monthly would assist me in scaling back my hours at 'the day job" and more time practicing my skill and the necessary EXPERIMENTATION that helps spawn the truly surprising pieces, and afford the materials which would enable me to create more of the larger format pieces I like to create for shows.  I like to produce reverse glass paintings that are approx. 3x5 and larger, many are larger than *I* am up to over 6 feet tall!  Also, the more I consistently hit this goal, I will be able to focus on improving my Patreon Rewards to include more content, better and consistent VIDEO content by eventually getting a better camera and to afford the formats to properly upload videos, and eventual GIVE-A-WAYS, ect.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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