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What up fam! Thanks for checking me out on Patreon!

Journey with me as I hack and slash my way to a playable demo of a series of short scripts I wrote called "The Sword of the Vagabond".

Sword of the Vagabond is the story of Umbara. A young man with a dark past and foreboding future who was taken in by a vagabond master. Before the completion of his training, Umbara's master, Dogoro Ithem, goes missing under suspicious circumstances. His sword, mythical in the world of masters, has become the desire of all the heroes and villains in the martial world. Umbara's task is impossible, find his master. But he will choose to travel it anyway.

So, the question on your mind now is, why Patreon? Or it could be, who am I? You could actually be thinking of anything but Imma (not a typo) just focus on those two.

Me? I am, a stay at home dad home schooling a seven year old son and a two year old daughter. I started playing around with Unreal Engine 4, a game design tool as a means to make a dream come true. I've spent the last year and a half scouring the internet for knowledge and tutorials, developing the know how to make my game a reality.

Why Patreon? There are a lot of funding options on the internet. My focus, isn't collecting money as much as it is documenting my journey. Realizing this, I wanted something that allowed people to contribute if they so desired, but would also allow for those who wished to just follow my journey to feel no obligation. I wanted something that showed my desire was not predicated on how much money i raised, but on the will and determination to complete my project.

With that being said, Patreon allows patrons to contribute a certain amount per month or per piece of content, that will be paid to the content creator. For me, that means the ability to purchase trainings, tutorials, and game creation related products to help my vision become a reality. Maybe even hire a freelancer or two for some of heavy lifting.

Like other online funding options, there are certain exclusive perks for patrons which can be found ---------------->  over there to the "other left" side of the page.

Well, that's my spiel, err... ummm... if you're more literal and realize that spiel has a negative and degrading connotation then, that's my appeal.

Thank you so much for reading all of this though.  I mean typically i would have scrolled past a lot of it. Karma, please be forgiving.


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My first goal is all about level design. Dungeon Architect is a great tool for creating Skyrim-like dungeons randomly. Dungeon crawling and loot gathering is an integral part of any good RPG (Role Playing Game) and for a one man team, the ability to automate any creation processes is priceless! Well, not priceless in this case but worth more than the price given... you get my point.
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