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I am a  19 year old FPV freestyle pilot who loves flying and sharing my experiences with the world. I live on an Airforce base, work at a steel factory and fly in my free time. I am starting this Patreon in hopes of support from my fans to continue making videos for you guys. I can also help and share the little knowledge i have accumelated over the past 3 years of flying rc planes and drones with you guys if there is enough interest. :)
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Thanks for tipping! You are now helping me get closer to achieving new heights.
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Wow thanks a bunch! You can ask me any questions you want and we can talk to each other too if you'd like, your name will also be in the intro of every one of my new videos.
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I do not expect it from any of you to support me this much but if you do I would be blown away! I would not know how to thank you. Your name will also be in my intro and i will put your name on my drone if possible.
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Yes this may seem small but to me it is huge! I can already buy a few sets of props with this!
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