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About Douglas "Jalnor" Carr

Hi! Thanks for considering giving me your support! I'm already grateful for all the Likes and comments you leave on my comics...
As I said in my video, which I swear I'll replace soon, I have loads more stuff to make - and I'd like to find time to hold corrupt politicians to account as well.
I now work full time on Plexit, this is my sole income - there's a lot of work involved in every episode. My savings from my last job are long gone, so I'm trying hard to give you something you'd be happy to pay for. I'm also hoping to pay a friend to build and maintain a new, better version of the Plexit website when there's enough money for that.
I've used my spare time to create (and occasionally to escape stress) for many years. Some of those years have been more stressful than others.
Eventually, my plan is, ideally, to make my living by creating things that people enjoy. Maybe I'm a little bit of an approval seeker at heart - I do so love getting Likes and comments on my posts - so logging on to find hundreds of Likes on the latest episode of Plexit would be the ultimate job satisfaction for me. (You can Like the comic on Facebook here, or view the originals of volume 1 here - and the Plexit website is here)
If you're up for supporting me, I have a range of rewards for you. All it'll cost you is the price of a cup of coffee per month. Convinced? Now all you need to do is decide how big a cup (or, rather, what rewards) you want! :-)
$34 of $75 per month
Enough to order samples of the merchandise I'm planning, then create the online shop to sell it. There will be a markup for me to earn something, but it will be minimal.
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